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Design Sprints were created by Jake Knapp whilst working at Google and helping several startups to innovate their products. The method takes a rapid design and prototype approach with quick customer feedback to refine an idea within 5 days.

Based upon customer design principles, the approach uses several practical techniques to understand the problem, understand possible solutions and then produce a quick prototype of the solution, all with quick feedback and instant decision making. Design Sprints are usually within a 3-5 day format for teams and customer advocates to focus on providing viable solutions that can be productionised.


This phase is about understanding the customer context, the problem space and the technical landscape.


This phase is about defining the problem to be solved and the focus area of the Design Sprint.


In the Sketch phase teams are challenged with sketching possible solutions to the focus area.


This phase challenges teams and the customer advocates to select which of the sketch ideas should be progressed further.


Prototyping is about exploring solutions with prototypes and mock ups that can be used and interacted with, in order to enhance our understanding and derive some deeper insights.


This is the final pitch and critical evaluation of the solution to the problem and focus area with stakeholders and customer advocates, to determine the next steps towards making these ideas a reality.

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