Agile Coach Coaching Syllabus

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Below are the learning outcomes based upon the ICAgile Agile Coaching and Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) learning outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

ID Classification Learning Outcome Session Mapping
1.1 Principles and Values Agile Manifesto Revisited
2.1 Facilitation Skills Group & Organisational Facilitation
2.2 Presentation Skills Large Group Story Telling
  • Primacy and Recency Principles
  • The Key Message and The Crux
  • Texturalising
  • Managing Nervousness
3.1 Sense Making The Situation
3.2 Sense Making Systems Modelling
3.3 Sense Making Coach's Understanding
4.1 Leadership Coaching Coaching Leaders
5.1 Coaching Teams Team Development
5.2 Coaching Teams Conflict
6.1 Coaching Individuals Coping With Change
6.2 Coaching Individuals Coaching Conversations
6.3 Coaching Individuals Coaching Approach
7.1 Coaching Projects Evolution over Prescription
7.2 Coaching Projects Risk Strategies
8.1 Coaching Organisations Agile Adoption
8.2 Coaching Organisations Culture
8.3 Coaching Organisations Enterprise Anti-Patterns
8.4 Coaching Organisations Power
9.1 Presence and Awareness Bias
9.2 Presence and Awareness Self Care
9.3 Presence and Awareness Epistemology and Theoretical Perspective

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