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Analysis can be useful during a coaching engagement to provide an evidential based approach to continuous process improvement, and here are some techniques that can be employed.

Statistical Process Control

Statistical Process Control (SPC) can be used to determine if the variance in a system falls outside of statistical error based tolerances or not, and is useful when used with Control Charts to show the variances in a system over time.

The Control Charts seem to be the most useful in general situations, but here are some other charts that can be used as part of the statistical process control approach:

Value Stream Analysis

[[Visualising The Flow#Value Stream Mapping|Value Stream Mapping] is used in many Lean Manufacturing implementations to map and measure the existing process, and can be used to determine evidential improvements in a process.

A related activity may be Business Process Mapping which can be used to map a system or processes that are used in an organization.

Pareto Analysis

Pareto Analysis can be used to determine the highest return on investment and provide a way forward to improve processes that have a range of underlying causes that have negative effects. The Pareto Chart is often used to illustrate the analysis.

Cause and Effect Analysis

Usually there are underlying causes to processes that are not performing at an optimal level, and some cause and effect analysis can be used to map these causes and allow remedies to become more visible.

Cause and effect analysis can include the following:

  • Systems Thinking can be used to draw Systems Diagrams and map out accelerators and decelerators in an organizational process or system
  • Root Cause Analysis - useful approaches for specific areas of process improvement
  • Sprint Retrospective - useful approaches for continual process improvement

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